Logistics Services

We have a variety of services from basic inventory management and supply chain support, to full service logistics through our global HUB/depot network with time critical delivery down to 2 hours, product returns management, 7x24 customer service, and various value added services on both the inbound and outbound process.

Warehousing / Distribution

Our warehousing processes ensure inventory accuracy, efficiency in the pick/pack and ship process, and provide value added services such as kitting, build to order, configuration, order consolidation.

Time Critical Delivery

We offer delivery levels to satisfy your customers’ requirements around the world. Our network enables delivery times down to 2 hours where required with an on time delivery metric that is second to none.


As part of the services we offer, we can provide import and export services to simplify the process of moving your products in and out of countries.

Reverse Logistics

Returns process management which help our customers recover failed units, perform product upgrades, product refurbishment, product destruction, etc. Reverse logistics is more than just returns management, it is "activities related to returns avoidance, gatekeeping, disposal and all other after-market supply chain issues".

Track & Trace

Customers can see transactional activity in "real time" for orders, shipments, and deliveries. Customers can also perform track and trace functions for the most current status of shipments.

Term & Condition

Term and condition